Wunda Clean

A heavy duty degreaser/cleaner for all metal surfaces, which can be diluted and rinsed off with water.

  • Degreasing of cement floors, metal and other surfaces.
  • Can also be used as a paint brush cleaner.

Apply Rust Rite Wunda Clean by brush, broom, roller, spray, sponge or cloth, making sure the whole surface is well covered. Rinse off with clean water, making sure a water break free surface is achieved. For heavy grease and dirt repeat process.

Heavy Application:

  • Apply Wunda Clean without thinning.
  • If the grease is very heavy and hard then several applications may be required.

Light Application:

  • Apply Wunda Clean, thinned 50% with water.
  • The Wunda Clean must be rinsed off thoroughly with water, until a water brake free surface is formed.

Coverage : The spreading rate will vary significantly depending on the amount of grease to be removed.
Light grease : 20m²/litre (typical)
Moderate grease : 10m²/litre (typical)
Heavy grease : + 5m²/litre (typical)
Appearance : Clear liquid
Type : A blend of surfactants and solvents.
S.G. : 0,82
Pack size : 250ml, 500ml, 1lt and 5lt
Storage : Ideally between 5 and 25°C