Galv Prep

An acid / detergent solution, designed to clean, etch and prepare new or weathered galvanized surfaces simultaneously with the emulsification of surface contaminants i.e. prefabricators protective coating. Allowing a well etched surface for primer process.

To prepare all galvanised iron surfaces eg: Fencers, Garage Doors and Roofing.

  • May be applied by mop-swab or brush.
  • Surfaces should be hosed or washed with clean water to remove heavy dust and grit deposits.
  • Galv Prep must be worked well over the surface. Once cleaning is complete, the surface should be thoroughly washed with water to remove residues left by the Galv Prep.
  • Galvanised steel surfaces must be checked that they are in fact water-break free after cleaning.
  • The treatment must be repeated on areas which may have been missed during the initial cleaning operation after conducting a Water-break test.

Requirements : A wet reaction period of 10 – 15 minutes before rinsing clean.
Coverage : Approximately 20 – 30m² / litre (depending on the surface)
Pack size : 250ml, 500ml, 1lt, 5lt


  • Heavy duty galvanizing is more difficult to clean than lightweight galvanizing.
  • Clean all equipment immediately with water.
  • Rubber gloves are recommended to protect hands. Not suitable for ferrous surfaces.