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Reuben Ashington

Rueben Ashington

Reuben Ashington has been appointed MD of the company and is exceptionally well qualified after having been involved in the paint industry for the last 18 years of which 12 have been in the corrosive and anti-rust coatings industry. He has dealt with large Chain Stores in setting up deals and product listing with groups such as Game, Makro, BWH, Builders Trade Department, Builders Express, Build It any many more.

Rust-Rite has developed a full range of products for the corrosive environment and is targeted for both the D.I.Y and Trade market to save time and money! When using Rust-Rite, instead of having to apply a primer, undercoat and top coat when painting steel, you literally have an “All-in-One” Metal coating. Rust-Rite is available in 10 different colours and in 5 pack sizes.